The Original StripCard.

Create and join 10-line-stripcards directly through your phone. Participate in fully automated StripCards for football, hockey, baseball and basketball. StripCards are the best way to add a bit of excitement to your sports viewing experience. Invite your friends to a StripCard and enjoy the game!


The classic experience. Now on your phone

Combine the classic flavor of the original paper stripcard and intuitve flow and design of a great mobile app. That's StripCard. Quickly and easily find sporting events and games. Effortlessly invite your friends or join a community StripCard and compete to win. It's only a few touches away with StripCard. Victory awaits.


This is the original paper stripcard experience on your phone. Customize it how you want. It's simple with no extra fluff to slow you down.


Sporting matches are automatically populated and scores are constantly updated. StripCard matches update live in the match so you always know who is currently in the lead.


We are using our top engineers to make sure your data is safe. Securely join the matches with the community and with your friends.

Okay. But How Does It Work?

Choose Your Event

Search in the app for your favorite upcoming sporting events. All your favorite football, hockey, baseball and basketball games are just seconds away. And more events are constantly being added.

Join or Invite Your Friends

StripCard matches are not fun without some competition. Be sure to invite your friends or join one of the many community StripCards.

Select your Slot

Select your slot in the StripCard and wait for the event to begin. The slot's corresponding number will be revealed when the event begins. Enjoy some friendly competition as you watch the game together and hope you have a winning number!

Win Big

The app will automatically determine winner of the match at the end of the event. Win big or win a little. The choice is yours. You can join as many StripCards as you would like.

Become Part of Something Bigger

Join the community and play in as many StripCards as you would like. Make some enemies or make some friends. It's up to you.

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